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Take me to Neverland

Lets all fly away to Neverland with happy thoughts in our head. How very Peter Pan. We may not be able to do that, but we can for sure rock a Peter Pan collar dress! What a great intro I know, but I’m super for real about this trend. These dresses are super cute and a must for any stylish girl with a hipster alternative edge. So, what are you waiting, check this hot style out now.

A great place to shop for a Peter Pan collar dress is online! When I searched Peter Pan collar dress, Resulty had a ton of great options! The best part is that I can buy them directly from the stores they pull them from. For example I found some great peter pan collar dresses from Saks, Forever 21, and Nordstrom. Here are some super cute peter pan collar dress outfit ideas that I know you are just going to love.

plaid peter pan collar dress

How cute is this outfit? The plaid dress with the whit Peter Pan collar is super cute! That black hat is an unexpected accessory, but really works well with the black ankle boots. I’m also loving that she chose to wear a backpack rather than a purse. It gives this look such a young and fresh vibe. Also not how spot on her red lips and wavy hair are. This is such an effortless look and is great for a day that is perfect for a fun day walking around the city. You could totally wear this to class or to brunch too. Love it.

black peter pan collar dress

Can you say CHIC! If you want to take the peter pan collar dress to the next level you need to check out this  mod inspired look. A super short mini dress with white accents is perfect. To really get hat mod chic look you need to rock some black thigh high socks with black high heeled booties. The black beenie really completes the look. I’m also loving the contrast of the white details of the dress. This look is perfect and can go from day to night very easily.

sheer perter pan collar dress

For a sexy twist on opt for a Peter Pan collar dress with a sheer twist. This add a super edgy twist on a generally sweet and flirty style. I’m loving the styling of this look. The high bun is super on trend and really gives off that sexy edgy vibe. Those over sized sunglasses are to die for! Also notice how there are some small gold accessories. Not to overwhelming, but just enough to make the look feel complete.

Ombre Everywhere

What is it with trends moving so quickly today, and eventually becoming a sort of obsession.  Let’s say a trend starts off with a nail polish. If that trend becomes big enough it eventually  moves to clothes and even hair changes. For example, take the ombre trend. It started off as a tint for many dresses and maxis. It slowly moved to painting your nails in ombre, even dying your hair in an ombre tint.  The transition was slow, but once it took off and started to spread it became overwhelming. Kind of like Berkenstocks back in my day or Uggs, which is still remains severely overused. However, as much as I hate the overuse of certain brands, the “ombre trend” is not so bad.  This may be because its not a specific brand, and you can be super creative and expand on the idea. For example, you can make your hair an ombre brown/blonde color or make it ombre by adding some blue hair dye to the end of your hair. I also love how much you can expand on an ombre dress.

Take a look at this cute black, gray and white ombre dress.

I love this ombre dress because the color change is sort of subtle, but it adds so much to the entire dress. If it was the grayish color or just a solid black, there would be nothing special about it. But, the ombre tone of the dress really adds some uniqueness to the dress.

The ombre style started in dresses, particularly maxi dresses, and slowly moved to other items of clothing, such as crop tops. Take a look at this cute ombre tie-dye crop top from Forever 21:

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.32.19 AM

I love when the ombre color is played around with. Instead of sticking to a bright color and a neutral color, such as the common burgundy and black combination, I like a play on colors. This combination of pink and yellow looks amazing and colorful. I decided to buy this crop top because I’m lacking color in my closet. I love black and neutral colors, but I’ve recently been adding more colors. This crop top looks great with high waisted skinny jeans or a black high waisted maxi skirt.

As far as the maxi skirts and ombre dresses, I am still looking for an ombre dress that I like. I’ve been looking through Resultly to find one that’s right for me. Out of all items of clothing, dresses are the most difficult for me to pick out because they look so different on every body part. There’s also so many styles of dresses. However, for ombre I would rather have an ombre dress for a casual occasion, such as a cute ombre maxi dress.

I have been successful with finding a ombre tee, and almost on my way to finding the perfect ombre dress. I have yet to paint my nails ombre, but I think I will do that this weekend when I get a manicure. There is no possibility of me to paint my nails in an ombre tone by myself.

Legs for days

They tell me that I have legs for days. What is that even supposed to mean? That my legs are so long they extend into the next day? That doesn’t even make sense. They mean it as a compliment, and I always smile and thank them like I know I am supposed  to do. I guess I’m just getting tired of being judged for what a look like rather than who I am. Being a model though, that is what I do for a living. I was recently at a shoot modeling asymmetrical skirts and I faced that feeling inside, where a little piece of me just wanted more.

asymmetrical skirt

This isn’t me, but that’s the photo style they used. I mean why would you need to see my face when the focus of the shot is the asymmetrical skirt.  This skirt can be found at charlotte russe, I just felt that I should share that in case you wanted to buy it. But Man is it odd seeing your body parts being used for commercial use. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be okay with it, but easy money right? But hat what price. I’ve began to think that is may not be worth it. The reason I have come to this conclusion is that I was doing some online shopping. With the Holidays coming up and all I thought it would be a good idea to start browsing. I recently got introduced to his new shopping app and site called Resultly. I searched for asymmetrical skirt on their site and got a lot of great results, but as I scrolled through them I saw the photo so me. Or of well my legs from the  charlotte ruse photo shoot.

asymmetrical skirt

It’s weird. I stopped and almost cried when I saw models’ legs plastered all over my asymmetrical skirt search. I should have been happy, but I was hit with this pang of sadness. Maybe it was that they were being objectified in the photos. That is where I have the problem. Maybe its the fact that her head isn’t in the photo. I’m sure that has something to do with it. I’ve done work for other brands like H&M and Forever 21 and didn’t feel this way at the time. However, after going and looking back at those photos I’m beginning to realize that I want to do more with my life.  I want to me more than just a pretty face, or in this case a pair of legs.

Taking on the Dunes in a Fringe Bikini

I think its about time that I invest in another swim suit. Now is the time to buy because all the swimsuits are on sale! Let me first share my bathing suit story with you. At the end of the summer in August, I went to the Michigan Dunes with a few of best friends. Every summer we make a trip to the dunes as a little summer best friends trip. I love going to the dunes because you have the beach and a little bit of forest wilderness surrounding you. After tanning on the beach and taking a dip in the cold Lake Michigan water  we were on our way to the forest trail. The trail followed a small creek that looped around the forest. In this stream there was natural mud spread around the creek. This is a great natural mask that we smeared all around are bodies. Once it dries off you and you’re back from the trail we jump into the lake and wash it off. You’re skin is left feeling smooth and moisturized- the mud works as an exfoliator and even as a sunscreen (before its washed off). I was wearing a cute fringe bikini. This was my favorite bikini from summer 2014. I actually found it on Macy’s for only $5! If you need a new bathing suit for the summer, take a look at this one:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.49.27 AM

I got this bikini over spring break planning ahead for the summer. Even though it wasn’t on sale at the time, it was well worth all my money. This one comes in three different colors, coral, mint and purple. I love the coral bikini because it compliments my pale complexion. The purple and mint are a little to bright for me. I love that the lengthy fringe in this bathing suit.

So, getting back to the story. As we were slathering on the mud as we were following the creek trail I fell into a deep pit. There was a huge drop in the creek and I ended up falling over in the creek. Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt but my top snapped off from the back. As much as I love the bandeau bikini top, they are not very reliable. Since this bandeau top didn’t tie in the back, the piece that held the bandeau together was completely lost in the creek. I tried tying the two pieces together, but unfortunately the two pieces weren’t long enough. On the whole way back I had to hold my top against my chest- this turned out to be a torturous walk back to the beach. When we got back to the beach my friend had an extra bikini top that I was able to change into.

As far as my cute coral fringe top, I was able to fix it when I got back home. But, I did find another cute fringe top. And its on sale at Neimans!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.01.48 AM

I love the combination of the coral fringe and the turquoise bikini bottoms. The turquoise and coral go perfectly together. If you want an easy list of fringe bikinis here’s a great selection on Resultly.

Show off those shoulders

Want to dress sexy, but not trashy? Want to show some skin in the classiest way possible? Then boy do I have a shirt style for you. I’m talking about off the shoulder tops! They are a flirty way to show some skin. Your shoulders are sexy, so go ahead and show them off. Off the shoulder tops are perfect for date nights or a night out. They are the perfect combo of sexy and classy with a chic twist. Just remember to wear a strapless bra. Nothing ruins an off the shoulder top quicker than exposed bra straps.

Ready to embrace off the shoulder tops? I thought so. First you need to find one. Resultly, a shopping app has a ton of off the shoulder top styles from hundreds of stores. Check them all out here: The best part is if you find a top you like you can buy it directly from whatever store it is from. Here a few of my favorite off the shoulder tops.

Boho chic

off the shoulder ops

For at total boho chic vibe check out this lacy peasant  blouse inspired shirt. It will look super cute with a pair of cut of high waisted denim shorts or a pair of sleep skinny jeans. You can totally dress it up or dress it down. You can find more similar off the shoulder tops like this one at: Add some gold jewelry and you have super cute and stylish boho inspired look.

Super sexy

off the shoulder tops

For an super sexy look, try off the shoulder tops that are cropped! You can totally show off your midriff. A great way to wear a crop top is with a high waisted skirt, so you only have a sliver of skin showing! This is a super sexy and trendy look for an evening out. Guess has a huge selection of sexy off the shoulder crop tops: This is a sure fire way to add some sexy spark to your look. You can even wear an off the shoulder crop top with high waisted shorts like in the picture for a more casual look.

off the shoulder tops

For a sweet and flirty look a causal long sleeve off the shoulder tops are perfect! You can totally dress it up with a skirt or dress it down with a cute pair of jeans.  I’m loving the pastel pink color of this shirt. Tobi has a pretty good selection of off the shoulder tops: I’m just loving this look that the model is wearing. Super simple, yet so on trend. Keep on keeping on. I’m down with this trend.

I Love my Peach Dress

Last night I was out walking around downtown with my boyfriend. Since it was a pretty casual night out, I kept my makeup tame. Nothing too crazy, no smokey eyes or anything, but more like a soft gold eye shadow with a bit of blush on the balls of your cheeks. I wore this new peach dress I just got with some tights underneath (after some inspiration I got from the Forever 21 model).
Find the dress here:

peach dress

So this is the outfit I wore, the lace trimmed long sleeve peach dress with tope tights underneath. I decided to go with a deep, dark purple lip and lip liner that I got from M.A.C.

dark purple lipstick


This is my favorite look for the winter. As you can imagine it’s not too cold outside since we decided to go for a walk and this was a super easy look to achieve. Honestly, when I wear a lip this dark, I barely wear any other makeup, eyes included. With such any lip color it immediately brings attention to your face and makes a drastic difference. I could look so tired and exhausted with no makeup up, then I add a little lip and lip liner and wow, I’m not kidding it’s a major difference. It adds color to your face and while it may not wake you up, it will look like you’ve woken up. I love a good dark lip because I can tell on the facial expression of my boyfriend every time I wear it that it’s doing the trick. It’s sultry and it’s intimidating, and that’s everything we want. If you’re wondering why I decided to go for a peach colored dress, I believe there is something special about a soft pastel color in the winter. Most people think pastels are only for the spring time, but that is so not the case anymore. That’s like saying you can’t wear white after Labor Day. It’s simply an old school rule that hasn’t evolved with the fashion times in today’s day and age.

If you’re wondering what shoes I wore with this outfit, I these INC platform booties from Macy’s.



They’re the perfect date night/going out shoe in the winter. You don’t have to worry about them getting stained like you do with suede, and they have a platform so they’re really comfortable. I’m sure you can find a lot of similar pairs or even the same pair cheaper at other stores, but I personally highly recommend these guys. They also look super cute with a cuffed boyfriend jean since they’re low on the ankle.

So that’s my favorite look right now. I hope you guys like it!

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